Hamble River Rowing

Recreational rowing on the river Hamble.

Created by IT Guru Solutions

The Bursledon Gig harks back to the days when every waterman, boatyard worker and fisherman on the river would row to work.

The latest boats are based on a GRP version of an oyster dredging punt, sea worthy, stable, sturdy but easily driven.

The gig is 15’4” long with a beam of 5’4”. It can be rowed by 1,2,3,4, or six rowers with or without a cox.

Rowing at the club is normally a 4 person and cox affair, enabling people to learn to row safely, while the cox steers the boat around the busy Hamble river.

Hamble River Rowing club was set up with the aim  to encourage and develop traditional recreational rowing on the river Hamble.

The "club" based at the famous Jolly Sailor pub in Bursledon, has an informal and relaxed style, where the idea is to allow all members a chance to row in a safe and enjoyable environment.  

As long as the tide is high enough on Tuesday evenings, in the summer months, members can get afloat with minimal cost and enjoy rowing with fellow enthusiasts. Alternatively most Sundays are available for longer rows up and down the river, with a stop for tea and cake at the kiosk in Hamble a popular diversion.

On the Tuesday evenings that the tide will go out too early, we organise a row down the river to one of the many pubs in Hamble, have a pint and some supper, before returning to the Jolly on the incoming tide.

Through the summer season, there are a number  of away rows to other rivers, as well as participating in the races and events organised on the Hamble river - including the Hamble River Raid and Bursledon Regatta.

Check out the rowing diary for more details.



Hamble River Rowing is not all about the racing, this club is just as much about meeting new people and making great friends. Sometimes the rowing really gets in the way of us enjoying the beautiful river we live next to, so it can be just as nice to sit back and enjoying the resources we have on our door step:)

Upcoming events

Jolly to Folly row 20-21 August

Meet at 10 am Jolly Sailor for briefing. Fully booked.


Beaulieu River Row  4th September

Tow boats on trailers to Gins Farm, row up river for picnic.

12 places available

Book here



Get your team sorted for the most hotly contested trophies of the year.  

                                                               Or alternatively just come down to the Elephant                                                                boat yard to watch a fantastic day of fun boat                                                                racing,  followed by a torch light parade and                                                                fireworks.